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Welcome, I'm Rita

I have spent over a decade coaching, consulting and researching optimal performance, occupational health, and sports psychology methodologies with a broad range of clients including corporate employees, FDNY firefighters, family members, military personnel, and performing artists.

I have been interested in performance and psychology as long as I can remember. As an undergraduate, I studied classical voice singing at a conservatory as well as hard sciences and psychology. And although I was studying everything I was passionate about, I was a mess. I had just enough successes to keep me going, but I wasn't performing at my peak. After college I began meditating as a way to build resiliency in coping with a loss and later was asked to participate in a research study of coaching performing artists, corporate employees, and later firefighters in proper breathing and its effects on the central nervous system to gain peak performance. And then it all clicked. What I learned was that the techniques I had as a professional singer and actor could have helped in my academic studies, and my scientific knowledge could be applied to performance and life.

I went on to graduate school to study organizational and occupational performance psychology while performing in the world’s longest running musical in New York City, and it’s become my mission to show and teach people that we have way more ability already in us than we ever thought possible.

Recent and Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • Adding Self-Healing to Your Medicine Cabinet

    4-Week Live Workshop with Power of Performance (Zoom)
  • JWS Broadway Acting Studio

    New York, NY (now on Zoom)
  • National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Retreat

    San Antonio, TX (now on Zoom)
  • Ft Hamilton Spouses Foundation

    Brooklyn, NY
  • FDNY Counseling Service Unit Meeting

    Fort Totten, NY

Rita Neidich, MS, BCB

Rita's unique coaching approach was developed during the ten years that she lead peak performance coaching and research programs at non-for-profit organizations which specifically service firefighters, military, and their families. Rita's research of the effects of Peak Performance Coaching and Biofeedback with firefighters is the first of its kind. She is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist certified through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). She has collaborated on accepted research and grant proposals for FEMA and Walter Reed Army Hospital. Rita holds an M.S. from Baruch College in the field of Organizational and Occupational Performance Psychology and is also a magna cum laude graduate of New York University.


Merging components from sports and organizational psychology, applied psychophysiology and biofeedback, mindfulness, performing arts techniques, and meditation, the Power of Performance coaching methodology focuses on optimal performance training, overall stress and anxiety reduction, self-regulation, and improving quality of life. We operate under the assumption that the real power is not in the coach or coaching techniques: it is in the individual and their potential.

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Credit and thanks to the firefighter community that has participated in the coaching and for the development of the training. This has been a collaborative effort with the firefighter community in developing tangible applications. The coaching model continues to value the individual and operates in a collaborative way for all careers and situations.

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